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Get to know our candidate base and choose the right talent for your projects.

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Kotlin Developer

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React Developer

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What do we offer you?

Our IT recruitment service stands out for its selection of profiles focused on technical and attitudinal quality. We guarantee agility in our processes, provide 24/7 support and work with talent throughout Latin America.
We are your strategic partner to build teams that drive your success in the technological era.
Choose quality, choose agility, choose results,
choose us!

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We bring you a team of recruiters specialized in soft skills detection, work motivation and technical quality.

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Elite Recruiters

We bring you a team of recruiters specialized in soft skills detection, work motivation and technical quality.

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Nearshoring Specialists

We have a broad base of candidates of different technologies and seniority, living throughout Latin America.

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Bilingual Services

We conduct interviews in English to detect the language level (comprehension, fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation).
We write the report with the level specification (B2, C1, C2).

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We work with quality standards in recruitment. Our processes provide soft, technical and motivational quality.
We back up the quality with a comprehensive guarantee. 

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Once the search has started, we survey the technical and soft profile; we look for matches in our database for the presentation of suitable candidates (between 24 and 72 hours).

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24/7 Support

We provide you with continuous follow-up and status, from the coordination of interviews, delivery of fedbacks, process updates, metrics, etc.

Our Areas of Expertise



Development - Cloud

Back-end, Front-end, Full-stack, Mobile, QA (Manual/Automation), Technical Leader, Architect, Business Analyst, Product Owner, Project Manager, Scrum Master, UI/UX Designer, DevOps, Cloud Development Engineer, Cloud Migration Architect, Cloud Automation Engineer.


Big Data - Artificial Intelligence

Data Architect, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Infrastructure Engineer, NoSQL Database Administrator, Machine Learning Engineer, Real-Time Processing Engineer, Data Visualization Analyst, Data Security Specialist.


Infraestructure - Cybersecurity

Infrastructure Administrator, Network Engineer, Information Security Administrator, Virtualization Administrator, Active Directory Administrator, Telecommunications Engineer, Technical Support Level 1, 2 and 3, Vulnerability Specialist, Security Incident Analyst.

Our day-to-day

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Learn about our work dynamics, how we manage the day-to-day work and how we can collaborate with your recruitment processes so that your teams grow with professionalism and quality!



Coordinating interviews. 
Giving feedback to candidates.
Sending process status.
Adding valuable information.

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Attitudinal Skills.

Technical Expertise.
Job Projection.
Company Culture.

We Relieve


We Introduce

The candidates suitable for the job position and company culture.

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We Hunting

Different IT profiles 
(Big Data, Development, AI, Videogames, AR, IoT, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, etc.)

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We Interview

We detect soft skills, technical seniority, motivation for change, language level required.

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Recruitment Process

We Screening

Level of experience in technologies, frameworks, libraries, working tools, agile methodologies.

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Talent Pipeline

Featured Candidates

We bring you practical examples of some of our active candidates! 
Learn more about our work, and the information you will receive with the presentation of the candidates.


VueJs Developer

Semi Senior

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  • +4 years developing ecommerce applications for retailers.

  • + 4 years in Vue.Js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Lambda, S3, SQS, Kubernetes, ELB.

  • English: B2

  • Soft Skills: Proactive, Resolute, Assertive Communication, Participative for Teamwork.


Java Technical Leader


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  • + 8 years developing banking and investment applications

  • + 10 years experience in JDK17, Apache Tomcat, Spring, Spring Security, Hibernate, JPA, SQL Server, Maven, Git, OOP, Design Patterns, etc.

  • English: C1

  • Soft Skills: Resolution, Assertive Communication, Leadership, Results Oriented. 




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  • +5 years of experience in administrative application deployment.

  • +7 years with experience Azure DevOps, Kubernetes, AWS, Scripting using Powershell, Automated Builds, and CI. 

  • English: B1

  • Soft Skills: Working under pressure, Adaptable, Positivism, Agile, Resolute, Pragmatic, Explicative Communication.


Python Developer


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  • + 4 years developing robotics and IoT projects.

  • +8 years developing with Python, Django, Pandas, Spark MLlib. Experience in object-relational mappers, multi-threaded architecture. 

  • English: C2

  • Soft Skills: Dynamic, Result Oriented, Friendly, Willing, Participative, Visionary.

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Your IT Recruiting Partner! 
Expand your Tech Teams with Quality Talent

The Recruitment Solution you're looking for!

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  • The service is performed at risk, without advance payment. 

  • Sending of suitable candidates for the position after 48/72 hours.

  • The team is composed of 1/2 Senior Recruiters

  • Mid-Senior candidates with immediate hiring availability.

  • 24/7 Support and Follow-up

  • We offer a 3-month guarantee.

Classic Recruiting


Classic Recruiting

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Premium Recruiting

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  • The service requires a monthly fee, and you are granted a preferential price for each recruitment.

  • Sending of suitable candidates for the position after 24 hours.

  • The team is composed of 4 exclusive Senior Recruiters for your company.

  • Mid-Senior and Senior candidates with immediate hiring availability.

  • 24/7 Support and Follow-up.

  • We offer a 6-month guarantee.

Premium Recruiting

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Feedback from Our Clients

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Contact us and let's start

Working Together!

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Excellent attention and treatment from Infocus people, they have been collaborating with us in complex and high seniority profiles, and they always bring resolution in the searches, they are agile and collaborative with the integral processes.

Quares Solutions

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