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How is our work dynamics?

Gathering Information



Starting the Search


Attracting and Recruiting




Introducing Candidates


Following up

Gathering Information

We meet with the team to survey the internal needs of the company and gather information on the profile of the ideal employee for the job.

  • Job Responsibilities

  • Technical Requirementss

  • Soft Skills

  • Language Level

Gathering Info.

Starting the Search

Once the necessary information has been gathered, we design the Job Description of the position, to start advertising the search through our portals and internal publications.

Colegas en el trabajo
Starting the Search
Socializar en línea

Attracting and Recruiting

We start the process of searching for potential candidates, we focus on different hunting and recruiting strategies, capturing and generating a pipeline of potential talent. 

Attracting & Recruit


We coordinate interviews with suitable candidates for the job position, where we evaluate the technical knowledge and soft skills required. In case the company requires it, we have bilingual recruiters trained to conduct the interviews in English.


Introducing Candidates

Once the interview is over, we prepare the candidate's report, including the specific information requested by the company.

Introducing Candidates

Following Up

We are in charge of a continuous follow-up of current positions and candidates in process, providing status and feedback on each progress.

creativa de Trabajo
Followin up


  • The recruitment service is at risk, with no advance payment.

  • The priority of the searches is changing, depending on the internal demand of the teams.

  • Between one and two Recruiters are assigned to the search.

  • We provide a sixty-day warranty.


  • Prior to the start of the search, an advance payment is made.

  • The search is given the highest priority, keeping the team working on it.

  • Between four and five Recruiters specialized in the technological profile are assigned to the search.

  • We offer a ninety-day warranty

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