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Objetos personales azules

ID 1197 - Sr. Full-Stack Ruby on Rails & React

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The company built an advanced telemedicine platform to help men improve their mental and physical health. We iterate on our product rapidly and safely by applying continuous integration and code quality measurements, as well as TDD and pair programming when appropriate. We work collaboratively, emphasizing the productivity of the team first. 

The company aim to deliver a robust, reliable system by using pragmatic, tried-and-true technologies. We hone our craft as engineers by applying advanced functional, data-oriented techniques that are appropriate to the problem.

Task & Responsibilities:

Write and ship high quality code

  • Contribute across the codebase to complete entire features and changes with support from the rest of the team.

  • Continuously invest in demonstrable quality and reliability of the system via unit tests, automated integration tests, TDD and refactoring.

  • Keep data management and security in mind at all times to protect customer privacy.

Contribute to a continuously improving engineering organization

  • Identify software quality, performance, and operational issues, including impediments to team-wide efficiency and work constructively with the team to address them.

  • Define and improve our internal engineering standards and processes and exert positive influence on the objectives and tactics taken by the team.

Contribute actively to product iteration and development to ensure the company delivers a compelling experience to its customers.

  • Generate ideas and assess the associated options and tradeoffs for how they impact the growth of the business and customer experience.

  • Work across functional teams (engineering, marketing, product, etc.) to translate business and product ideas into software designs and releases.

  • Product & Project Management skills and experience are a plus.

Experience & Capabilities:

  • 4+ years of experience in product software development, especially public consumer web applications

  • Front-end: React/Redux/ImmutableJS experience

  • Back-end: Ruby-on-Rails / Ruby experience

  • General experience in unit testing, integration testing.

  • Past experience or interest in pair programming.

Nice to Have

  • Familiarity with queue / background processing, 3rd party integrations (such as Stripe, or 3PL, etc.)

  • Familiarity with or interest in Event Sourcing and other immutability / functional-programming patterns.

  • TDD experience is a plus.


  • Contractor - Long Term

  • 100% Remote

  • Full-Time, ET Schedule

  • Salary in USD

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