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Objetos personales azules

ID 1193 - Sr. VueJs Developer

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The company is a cutting-edge eCommerce company, with more than 250 people on board. With you onboard, the company can impact eCommerce globally and drive both the online and offline retail worlds!The company was born as a services company but over time they’ve built many successful open source products like Open Loyalty, Vue Storefront, Storefront UI. They also collaborate with SAP on a dedicated PWA application for SAP Hybris - Spartacus. In open source they trust.You’ll find people who are open to sharing their knowledge and expertise. You'll meet the bold ones, who are eager to learn the latest technology.

Your daily task!

  • You’ll join an enterprise-class eCommerce project and be mainly responsible for the development of new functionalities. Maintenance is really a small part of the job.

  • You’ll be using Vue.js 2.0, Composition API plugin, Typescript, Jest, and Cypress / TestCafe in your daily work.

  • You’ll join a 50-person team of IT experts from the company consisting of architects, developers, testers, scrum masters, and managers.

  • You’ll also work with experienced teams from world-famous development companies that create an enterprise-class product with them.

  • Drive, Vibe, Next, and Teamwork are their values. Working in their team is based on those principles.

  • You can be sure that every idea will be heard and considered.

You’ll be a perfect match if:

  • +5 years of Vue.js, JavaScript and TypeScript experience

  • Experience in Web application development technologies (Composition API plugin, Typescript, Jest, and Cypress / TestCafe)

  • +B2 English

  • Programming is your passion.

  • You like sharing knowledge.

  • Your smile and motivation influence others.


  • Contractor - Long Term

  • 100% Remote

  • Full-Time

  • Salary in USD

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